Watashi no Otto wa: Ano Ko no Koibito (2023)

Watashi no Otto wa: Ano Ko no Koibito (2023)

Other name: わたしの夫は―あの娘の恋人― わたしのおっとは あのこのこいびと Watashi no Otto wa: Ano Musume no Koibito My Husband: That Girl's Lover My Husband: That Girl’s Lover


Sasano Kaori and her husband are very close but Kaori starts to notice that her husband has "changed". One day, while talking to her best friend Yuki, Kaori learns that Takuya has a secret account with many posts that hint an affair. Kaori later finds out that the partner is Mishima Mutsumi and visits Mutsumi's husband, Kyosuke, and asks for his cooperation in separating Takuya and Mutsumi. Kyosuke agrees with the condition that Kaori sleeps with him. While following and monitoring Takuya and Mutsumi, Kaori begins an affair with Kyosuke, and later falls in love with him.Adapted from the manga series "Watashi no Otto wa: Ano Ko no Koibito" (わたしの夫は―あの娘の恋人―) by Aizawa Atsuko (あいざわあつこ) and Gin Tsukishiro (ツキシロギン).

Country: Japanese

Status: ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama Investigation Manga Miniseries Mystery Romance

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