Torfun and Mawin (2015)

Torfun and Mawin (2015)

Other name: Torfun Gub Mawin , Torfun Kub Marvin , Tofan Kap Mawin, ทอฝันกับมาวิน


Marvin's father is a very strict man and wants his son to follow in his foot-steps. Marvin on the other hand is really into the entertainment business, so he joins acting class. That's where he meets Torfun. She too is in the class. They meet each other a few times and they talk. Marvin even writes a song for her. There is a play coming up and they both audition and they both land the leading roles. He takes this opportunity to get closer to her.

Country: Thailand

Status: completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama Romance

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