1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Stranger Anniversary (2022)

Other name: 双生陌生人 雙生陌生人 Shuang Sheng Mo Sheng Ren Seung Sang Mak Sang Yun Soeng Sang Mak Sang Yun Doppelganger Stranger Twin Strangers


According to legend, if a Doppelganger sees his/her other self, it will bring misfortune. But people's misfortune actually stems from personal desires and greed. From a "people are similar" website, two people who are not related by blood, but very similar in appearance, contact each other, and have been miraculously affecting each other's life trajectory.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy Fantasy

Stranger Anniversary (2022) trailer:
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